A wild plant-based breakfast alternative...

Ingredients (serves 3):
- Two tablespoons rapeseed oil
- 300g tofu
- 2 tablespoons of gram flour
- 15g mugwort tops, buds picked down
- 50g sea blite (picked down, woody parts of stems discarded)
- 200g oyster mushrooms
- fresh or dried thyme to taste
- sea salt; black pepper.

1. Fry mushrooms on medium heat with a good pinch of salt and thyme for five minutes.
2. Put tofu in blender with the gram flour and picked down mugwort buds, season well, blitz then allow to sit for 20 minutes before cooking.
3. Add tofu to pan with a little oil, season and scramble until just starting to firm up.
4. While the tofu is cooking, add the picked down sea blite leaves and softer stems to a little boiling water and simmer for 30 seconds.