The sun is out, the wildflowers are out, let's make a salad...


1 tablespoon virgin olive oil

75g broad beans, skins removed

- 2g wild marjoram flower stems (flowers picked down)

- 3g meadowsweet stems, flowers picked down

- 36 wild pea flowers

- 10g wood sorrel

- ½ small cucumber (about 140g)

- juice of 1/2 lemon

- 1 small garlic clove, crushed

- 180g dark cherries, sliced in half and stones removed

- salt and sugar



1. The cucumber and cherries can be used fresh, but if you have time to go the extra mile...

2 (the extra mile): A few hours prior to making up salad (or previous day), peel cucumber then cut into ribbons with peeler, reserving the seedy heart for another salad. Place in a jar with the garlic and lemon juice and a good pinch of salt and refrigerate. Then sprinkle half a teaspoon each of salt and sugar over the cut face of the pitted cherry halves; cover and refrigerate. The following day, strain excess juice from cucumber pickle and mix in 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil.

3. On your 3 plates, assemble the salad in layers as follows: cucumber, wood sorrel, cherries, broad beans, wild marjoram flowers, sweet pea flowers, meadowsweet.