In May/June 2018 I visited Miles and his Forager team. Great team. They are dedicated to nature; to great tastes hiding inside wild plants, mushrooms and algae.

It is true what they say about them; they are open to share knowledge, to accept it, they are naturally calm, inspiring … and, they, not even knowing it, change your life.

My stay in Kent was possible through the Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs. In Slovenia, I have my own foraging business, yet the dimensions I got to look into at Forager were different. By getting to know all the aspects of their business, I manage to improve my own.

Also, I was happy to enjoy foraged food more than ever before. Miles is a scientist by heart, and he prepares innovative meals from the plants around. There is also a personal dimension of Miles’ character that I enjoy profoundly, his trust in God. I believe every forager has it inside.

I am in love again, not with Miles I am afraid, but in UK foraging indeed.