In my four weeks spent at Forager, a lot of things have happend for me. Previously I worked in journalism and after studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra/Italy, I was looking for ways to engage with the world of (wild) food.

First, this experience has changed my view on nature and the plants growing around me. Foraging has turned my world into a farmer's market. Forager has shown me new dimensions to taste and texture, and offered me an exciting journey of discovery that I will now happily continue. It has shown me a way to connect with my environment. But foremost: understanding the Forager's philosophy about wild food has shown me a new perspective to think about our food systems. Food has always been a political issue for me. I now see the great potential of wild food – since it is our most local, seasonal and sustainable food source – and how exciting it would be to think of it as partly an alternative to agriculture. My time at Forager instilled me with a passion, ambition and curiosity to continue on this path, working for change towards more sustainable and healthy foodways.

Apart from the fun time out picking and learning from the experienced Foragers, I especially enjoyed the friendliness and the openess of the whole Forager team. I also appreciated the opportunity for discussion and sharing knowledge and ideas, the Foragers' patience with my tired bones and myriad of questions... In general I was impressed by the sense of the authentic and integral attitude they all had towards their work and lives. My time spent in their company was very special and I have resolutely become an advocate for enjoying, celebrating and sharing knowledge about wild food!