It is no surprise that the Forager team is incredibly knowledgeable about wild plants and their environment, harvest, flavours and utilisations. 

They have gained a profound reputation through determination, creativity, and a genuine care not only about their immediate surroundings, but also knowledge sharing with others, promoting a larger appreciation of wild plant usage around the world. 

This global vision, along with a strong work ethic, team involvement, transparency, and progress mindedness was no doubt an extraordinary dynamic to participate in. 

As part of the team, I gained valuable experience with wild plant identification, knowledge of individual characteristics, growth conditions, flavor profiles, and various culinary uses.  My time was balanced between picking, packing, and cooking, and no two days were alike.  The crew was open, welcoming, and willing to share their experiences with enthusiasm.

The bounty and beauty of Kent offered an amazing array of geography and scenarios for picking.  From chest deep river wading, to forest excursions, beach walks, cliff climbing, castle combing, and beyond, I was continually inspired and captivated by the unique and diverse locations.

 Kitchen lab work with pickling, fermentations, syrups, and various recipe developments were beneficial in broadening a range of techniques applicable to numerous products.   The team addresses product life cycles at various stages and each plant is looked at inquisitively, seeking usages for each distinct element in various forms...stems, bulbs, leaves, fresh, dried, cured, infused...

In the short time I spent with Miles, Ross, and the entire team, I gained knowledge that will stay with me throughout my career.  More importantly, it nurtured a desire to develop my understanding and relationship with wild plants, and exposed how much there is to learn on a variety of subjects.  I am undoubtedly interested in Forager’s evolution, their developments, and their continuing story, and eagerly look forward to our next encounter.  

 --Eric Bost, Formerly of Restaurant Guy Savoy Singapore and Las Vegas; New project currently in development