We are very proud to have completed 52 weeks, a whole year of the WildBox. However, for the time being, the WildBox is on pause.

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We have recently launched WorldWild Community Interest Company which has its primary purpose to share knowledge about edible wild plants and support the growth of culture around the same. We think the WildBox will be an excellent tool as part of this mission and hope to relaunch in the near future under the auspices of WorldWild CIC. For example, where we are working with a school or project working with homeless folk, both of which we have done with more in the pipeline, the WildBox will be part of the project, to supplement the activities which involve us being physically present. In addition, we will be exploring ways for people who are keen to learn but can’t afford the WildBox to be able to receive it for free. We are fairly confident that we will be able to get support for the project within the social business sector, and in this way achieve its full potential.

Best wishes, Miles Irving & the WildBox team.


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