Wildbox - Great British Food Awards 2018 - Winner

"This is an invitation to join me on our Wild Box adventure. I will be your guide as each week we send you a treasure chest of wild ingredients and the keys to unlock it: simple recipes and tips on how to use them."

- Miles Irving, founder of Forager and author of
The Forager Handbook.

‘I have been receiving the Wild Box for 3 months. It is always beautiful packaged and presented. The recipe card inside is invaluable, giving you ways of using all your new ingredients with a clear description of each item, along with other interesting background information. As I am now becoming more familiar I realise that most items can be used very quickly and simply in salads, stir fries, etc. The flavours give a different twist on dishes you may have had before, as well as your new creations. I always look forward to receiving my new box and seeing what exciting items are inside’ - Julie
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