750ml water
3 tbsp sea salt
50 ml soured birch sap
1/2 red cabbage
6 French radish
1 carrot
20g alexanders, stalks only
20g mini ramsons
4 large chillies, red and yellow
25g ginger root
Equipment: large glass jar
1. Mix the water with the soured birch sap and the salt, to make a brine, stir well to dissolve the salt.
2. Chop the cabbage cut the radish into 6ths, peel and slice the carrot, slice the alexanders stalks, thinly slice the ramsons, soak all the vegetables in the brine ensuring they are completely submerged use a plate to weigh them down, this will season and soften the vegetables and will take around 12 hours.
3. When the vegetables are ready blend the ginger and chilli with a little of the brine to help it blend to a paste.
4. Strain the vegetables but keep the brine in a separate bowl, mix the ginger chilli paste into the veg and fill up the jar, press down then top up with around half of the brine so the mix is completely covered, leaving some space at the top.
5. Fill a sandwich bag with the remaining brine and place this in the top of the jar to keep the kimchi submerged and relatively air tight, to prevent mould forming, seal the whole lot up and keep at room temperature.
6. Taste every couple of days until it's a little bit fizzy slightly sour and really delicious, now it's ready to use and or keep in the fridge until required.