75g buckwheat flour
75g ground almonds
50g coconut sugar
10g tapioca flour
¼ tsp sea salt
½ the zest of a lemon
2 tbsp milled flax seed + 6 tbsp water - whisked together
140g roasted nuts such as hazel or walnuts, when cooled blitz or crush to a coarse meal
40g ground almonds
60g coconut sugar
½ tsp sea salt
90g melted coconut oil
20g tahini
5g dried meadowsweet flowers
50g coconut sugar, to make the syrup
Method - Pastry
1. The pastry is best made the day before and rested overnight.
2. Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan on low heat, combine all dry ingredients and the lemon juice in a mixing bowl, then mix in the coconut oil and the water to combine to a rough paste, it will come together quite easily but may require a splash of extra water to ensure it is soft and pliable and the oil is well combined.
3. Wrap this in greaseproof paper and set aside in a cool place (not as cold as a fridge) to rest for at least 6 hours, if you want to make the pastry further in advance then refrigerate or freeze it and get it out to thaw or warm up well in advance as it will be too firm to work with.
4. Using a rolling pin roll out the pastry between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper to large rough circle to an even thickness of around ½ cm, peel off the top layer of greaseproof then pick up the other layer, pastry and all, & gently fold it over the flan tin peel off the paper and gently push the pastry into the base and down the inside of the tin so that you’ve covered the base and the sides entirely and the excess is overlapping the outside of the tin.
5. Trim this off using a sharp paring knife, the pastry is really short and tends to break up easily when over handled, but don't despair if this does happen use any spare bits to patch up holes or cracks, set the base aside while you combine the ingredients for the frangipane.
Method - Frangipane
1. Combine the 60g sugar, almonds, salt and roasted and crushed nuts in a bowl and mix.
2. Add to melted coconut oil and tahini, mix together well to form a loose paste.
3. Spread evenly over the tart base. Bake in an oven, preheated to 150 degrees c for about 20 minutes, or so that pasty has browned and the middle has risen and levelled.
4. Remove and leave to cool.
5. Make syrup by mixing the sugar with 1 -2 tbsp of water heat in a small saucepan so that the sugar is just dissolved then remove from the heat and add in the meadowsweet flowers, drizzle this over the tart before serving.