For the pancakes:

- 100g white spelt flour or wheat flour; sifted

- 150g plant milk such as oat or almond; 

- 1tsp sea salt

- 1tsp baking powder

- 1/2tsp ginger paste

- 1/2 chilli powder

- 2 flax eggs: (20g ground golden flax seed + 60g warm water beaten together and left)

For the savoury filling:

- 80g alexanders leaves

- 30g sea beet leaf; roughly chopped

- 20g sea radish leaf; roughly chopped

- 5g dried kelp; reconstituted in enough  water to cover for ten minutes, the water retained

- 1tbsp rapeseed oil

- 3tsp tomato puree

- 1tsp of miso

- 2 large clove garlic; crushed

- 1tbsp rice mirin

- 240g tin haricot beans



1, Cook the pancakes first then cover and keep warm in oven.

2. Combine the flax ‘egg’ and leave to rest.

3. Combine the dry ingredients and put aside, add the milk to the flax egg and beat in the dry ingredients in a couple of batches using a whisk or a stick blender.

4. Pan fry in a lightly greased hot frying pan or crepe pan, for around 45 secs each side.

5. Heat the oil in a pan.

6. While waiting shred kelp very finely, then add to the hot oil and fry for one minute then add the garlic, followed by the greenery.

7. Fry for another minute then add the tomato puree, kelp water, miso, beans and mirin.

8. Warm through and serve immediately.

Serving suggestion:

Serve the alexanders and bean mixture in the pancakes.