1 carton apple juice

10g douglas fir

4 crab apples, finely sliced

5g meadowsweet

2 clementine sliced

1 apple cut into small pieces

3 cloves

1tsp cinnamon



1. Pour apple juice into large pan and place over gentle heat.

2. Chop the douglas until into small pieces. 

3. Add the meadowsweet and sliced crab apples into the pan along with a chopped apple, sliced satsuma, cloves and cinnamon.

4. Leave for at least half an hour to warm through thoroughly but don’t allow to simmer or boil .

5. Strain through a fine sieve. Rescue the satsuma pieces and apple pieces if you have time and add back into the juice.

6. Serve immediately. This will happily be reheated so we made double and it tasted even better having sat for a while!