Using seeds, flowers and funghi to make easy snacks...

Wayside sprinkle


- Plantain seeds, stripped from 25g of whole stems

- Mugwort flowers from mugwort tops 5g/10g ( to taste) , stripped from stem

- 1/2 teaspoon ground hogweed seeds, ground

- Sea salt


1. Pick the mugwort flowers down as carefully as you can, so that there are no little twigs or leaves.

2. Combine with the other ingredients and sprinkle on salads, scrambled eggs or cooked tomatoes (just for example)


Wayside snack


- Plantain seeds, stripped from 25g of whole stems

- Sea salt.


1. Combine salt and seeds and snack on them like you would salted nuts or other seeds.
Woodland and wayside salad


- 25g bilberries

- 100g girolles

- 5g mugwort tops, flowers picked down

- 5g wood sorrel, picked down into a pile each of leaflets and stalks, stalks cut to matchstick lengths or smaller; wayside sprinkle.


1. Fry the girolles in a little oil or butter, salt and mugwort flowers.

2. Carefully add bilberries to pan to warm through for a few seconds, serve girolles onto individual plates then equally carefully spoon bilberries on top.

3. Sprinkle half a teaspoon (or more if you like) of the woodland sprinkle onto each  plate, then finish with wood sorrel leaflets followed by wood sorrel stalks.