A wild spin on a traditional Indian raita with the super nutritious nettle seed...


- 300ml Greek style (or coconut) yoghurt

- 10g nettle seeds on strings

- Sea salt to taste.


1. Blitz the nettle seeds in a blender (nutribullet does a good job for this) with 50ml of the yoghurt and a good pinch of salt.

2. Add to the remainder of the yoghurt and mix together.

Nettle seed turns the yoghurt into a thin liquid in the blender- doing it this way means this only happens to a small proportion of the yoghurt.


Roast (nicely spaced out; 180 degrees celsius for 45 minutes) or fry sliced courgettes with some crushed garlic and salt; serve into bowls and pour the raita over them as a sauce.

Alternatively, use the raita as a dip, either for crudites such as water celery stems or for marsh samphire and sea aster cooked for 30 seconds only and allowed to cool down a bit- just enough to pick up with your fingers comfortably.