Here are some things you can do with wild stems and stalks... 

Ingredients (stem and stalk weight once chopped approximately):

- 50g Watercress

- 50g Smooth Sow Thistle

- 50g Hogweed

- 50g Dock

For each stalk/stem recipe, start by chopping stems and stalks of watercress, smooth sow thistle, hogweed and dock into (roughly) 4mm pieces and then follow these instructions...


1. Grate and add one apple, two carrots and a small onion.

2. Dress with simple oil and vinegar dressing (oil and vinegar at 3:2 ratio + salt and pepper).
Stemstalk stir fry with sea aster (serves 4): 

1. Fry chopped stems and stalks in hot sesame oil with a little grated ginger, 2 crushed garlic cloves and a chopped onion for five minutes

2. Season with soy sauce, a desert spoon of peanut butter and the juice of one lemon.

3. In the meantime boil soba or whole-wheat egg noodles (100g per person) for 1 minute less than instructions on packet; drain.

4. Fry noodles with washed, chopped sea aster (100g) and every thing else for another minute.
Stemstalk soup: 

1. Sweat chopped stems and stalks in 2 tablespoons of olive oil for two minutes.

2. Add 900ml chicken or vegetable stock and 600ml coconut milk, warm through, season and then serve.