Small leaves make big flavours...

For a plant-based recipe replace eggs and follow instructions for scrambled tofu.

- Spring onion, chopped very finely;
- 1 onion,
- 10g wild sorrel, stalks removed and chopped finely;
- 15g ox-eye daisy, stalks removed and chopped finely;
- 10g yarrow, leaflets picked down, stalks chopped finely;
- 6 large eggs;
- sea salt; black pepper; butter;a splash of milk.



1. Beat the eggs with the milk, season with sea salt and a couple of grinds of black pepper.

2. Warm a frying pan and melt a small knob of butter. Fry the chopped stalks and onion for about three minutes, add the leaves to wilt them for just under a minute then add the egg mixture.

3. Let it begin to set for a minute or so then break through with a fish slice or wooden spatula and agitate the pan to allow the remaining liquid egg to fall into the cracks.

4. Repeat this if necessary until there is only a thin layer of uncooked egg remaining on the upper surface.

5. At this point start to work the omelette free around the edges with fish slice or wooden spatula and as soon as you dare (thinking about the underside being free enough to allow this with out breaking), lift one half up and fold over the other half.