Why the Wild Box?

+ Flavour Anchor your palate in the wild land

"Feed your culinary muse with the unique flavours of wild plants"

+ Health Wildness is nourishing

"Wild plants are full of nutrients and bioactive compounds"

+ Seasonality Food is the magic of the moment

"Travelling through time with wild plants, your cooking reflects kaleidoscopic seasonal changes of plants and landscapes"



"This is an invitation to join me on our Wild Food adventure. I will be your  guide as each week we send you a treasure chest of wild ingredients and the keys to unlock it: simple recipes and tips on how to use them."

- Miles Irving, founder of Forager and author of The Forager Handbook



Get a taste of the wild every week by subscribing to our Wild Box! Every week you'll receive a carefully picked selection of the best wild produce of the season along with a newsletter to help you get to know them and give you pointers on how to use them.

If you're interested in learning about wild food and foraging then this is the perfect first step to get you started - by seeing and tasting the plants you will become more familiar with them and have your finger on the pulse of the season.


Weekly Wild Box delivery for £20!